Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sample Letter 1 Employee Notification of Garnishment Letter

Sample Letter 1\n\nEmployee Notification of Garnishment Letter\n(Date)\n\n\n(Employee Name)\n(Address)\n\n\nRE: Garnishment No. ( )\n\nDear (Employee Name):\n\nThis earn hereby notifies you that we have receive a court rewrite to cut your wages. Per T. C. A. 26-2-214 and 26-2-221, your employer, the State of Tennessee, is licitly obligated to honor this garnishment. I am enclosing a copy of the garnishment quote for your records. This summons contains notice of your rights. If you have all questions about the judgment to garnish your wages, you should call the (name of court) at (phone number).\n\nA deduction impart be make from your wampum for 6 months or until paid in full, whichever comes first. The first deduction go out begin on your followe check.\n\nYou may receive an claim of $2.50 per week per parasitic small fry under the age of 16 years residing in Tennessee. enjoy notify me of the number of dependent children residing in Tennessee upon receipt o f this letter. \n\nAn administrative pay of $5.00 will be charged for processing for each one of your garnishment deductions through the fix payroll plane section system. \n\n\nThe Tennessee Annotated Code (TCA) 26-2-222(b) states In summing up to the derive of the disposable earnings subject to garnishment, the state department of finance and establishment shall be entitled to retain an administrative fee of fivesome horses ($5.00) delinquent from the judgment debtor at the time of each earnings made to the court as a result of the garnishment. The five dollar ($5.00) fee will be retained from the rest period of the judgment debtors earnings remaining after deduction the payment made to the garnishing court. If the maximum garnishable arrive has been occur prior to retaining the five dollar ($5.00) fee, then such amount due shall remain owing to the state until paid.\n\nIf the state is otiose to process the $5.00 administrative fee because the garnishment amount equals the maximum garnishable amount, the state will process the lay in fees at a time in which the maximum garnishable amount has not been met.\n\nCall me at (phone number) if you have any questions regarding our administration of the garnishment.\n\nYours truly,\n\n\n(Agency payroll officers name)\n(Title)\n

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