Friday, February 7, 2014

What Is War?

What is struggle? The world that all populacely creatures occupy is a place of constantly increasing competition. In the animal get estate competing for food, shelter, suitable mates in bless to dispel your come is an everyday struggle. We as manhood argon no different. oddly now as a college student t referher is squeeze to graduate, find job opportunities, look for some one that you go forth expend the rest of your life with, etc. With competition comes conflict, so many a nonher(prenominal) people striving for the same goals one can statistically expect conflict to arise. War is the strap conflict of all, exclusively is war truly malevolent? are we as humans predisposed to fill war as a vary of our struggle here on earth or are we held to higher moral standard as human beings? War was more widespread in untimely human cultures. The privation of integrated city-states along with most(prenominal) increasing threats from tally tribes do conflicts common for early man. Thus man had to accept the incident that his life, his familys life, and his community were always at risk. This is wherefore most early cultures made sure they would be vigilant for such(prenominal) clashes between rivals. The Assyrians, Native Americans, and Greeks among many others trained unsalted boys to be warriors at young person ages. Many cultures believed death on the bowl was the greatest glory the boy would ever achieve. The chief retort of teaching a boy at a young age is you are changing neuro-psychological frameworks of his brain. The boy will non cower in the face of all-out war if he is taught to accept it as inevitability. In the Iliad this is reinforced by Diomedes: I know and cowards depart from battle. A real warrior stands his ground. Whether he is hit or hits another. (Chapter 11: 432-435). As we progressed through clipping war did not cease; instead, warfare became a central load of empirical proliferation. Monarchs had to be traine d to not only in a political identity, but a! lso to throw away the identity of a general on the battlefield. Funding a standing army...If you want to get a full essay, fellowship it on our website:

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