Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Technology of World War One

Technology of WW1         There were great technological achievements for both sides during humanity contend i. Whenever one side would come up with a wise type of utensil, the otherwise side would either question and iterate the tool, or come up with an even ruin soma of technology. New technologies and weapons were formed for the land, sea and the air, but just about were demonstrable for use on land. There were also slightly(prenominal) defense mechanism mechanisms formed during humans War One such as the gun for hire mask and the firebrand helmet. All of these new technologies were utilize throughout as swell up as after the contend.          perhaps the most important aim of the war was the tank. The tank was a type of protection to abeyance through enemy lines. The hole-and-corner(a) was in the wheels; they were like conveyor belts that could catch through bumble and potholes on the land. The whole problem was that they could only go for 8 km at a time for the amount of gas they took in, on account of their size. The tanks did give some protection, Niemczycki 2 but as the war went on other weapons and guns developed.         The next important technology was the invention of the elevator car gun. It was theme of as a massacre weapon because it could kill thousands and thousands of tribe in such a before long time. It is believed that the machine gun was the number one killer in World War One. To use the gun, a soldier had to go everyplace the top of the enemy trench and shoot nap the opponents. currently other technologies were invented that didnt call for the need to go over the top.         The flare thrower was called the scariest weapon of WW1. it was a cylinder determine weapon with an oil tank. The... nicely written, bout couldve been better if you told which countr ies developed which weapons. As such, Grema! ny and Great Britain were the only ones with the tanks. Also, what happened to sybmarines? You never mentioned that, therefore you have go forth wing out and important factor of WWI, wich was Germanys Unrestriced Submarine Warfare. In addition, wasnt poor boy airplanes invented too? Though it did not make a racy role in WWI, it is still a technological advance. If you wish to get a full essay, gild it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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