Saturday, February 1, 2014

Darwin`s Idea About Evolution

Charles Darwin s guess of EvolutionCharles Darwin , one of the greatest minds in science , proposed a surmise that all forms of living , birds , fishes , plants , and humans , came from familiar ancestors and those ancestors evolved into what purport is nowadays (Biology Online , 2007In his speculation , Darwin said that men and apes came from a booster ape- comparable ancestor that lived on earth for millions of years in advance it evolved . furthermore , the theory states that man emerged from a series environmental and familial factors whereas modern apes came from another ontogenyary pathway p The principal(prenominal) priming coat and framework of Darwin s theory of evolution is a execute called pictorial pick . Natural cream is basically a theory which states that affirmative or advantageous traits of a acce pted beingness can be passed on to the next extension and pay off more prevalent , while unfavorable or inopportune traits of an organism ordain become less common . This theory is simplified as survival of the fittest where in the species with the favorable traits or the stronger ones will defy , while the species with disadvantageous traits or the shadowy ones will eventually die out (Biology Online , 2007For suit , if a certain specie acquires a trait , like growing wings which enables it to be stronger than other species , the specie will survive and that trait is passed on to the next generationHowever , natural selection has to bring forth with the variation of genes which is also the beginning of Darwin s theory of evolution , so that the favorable or unfavorable traits would emerge (Biology Online 2007Basically , natural selection in Darwin s theory means that the species that are bouncy today were the species that possessed favorable and advantageous traits milli ons of years past and these traits enabled ! them to surviveReferencesBiology-Online .org (2007 . Theory of Natural Selection . Retrieved October 26 , 2007 from http / entanglement .biology-online .orgPAGEPAGE 1Darwin s Theory of Evolution...If you emergency to get a full essay, station it on our website:

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