Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Latin and Hispanic women in Contemporary Film"

Several decades ago Latina women started appearing in Hollywood films. The prototypal hardly a(prenominal) actresses to become known where Dolores del Rio, Rita Moreno, Lupe Velez, Carmen Miranda, Margarita Cansino, known as Rita Hayworth, and Katy Jurado. These women were do to process a name for themselves in a hostel in which ultimately Latina women where not quite welcomed. The discriminations they had to overcome and changes they had to permit to mystify significant roles were many. Despite of this, except for Rita Moreno, they were never actually able to achieve what Anglo women were achieving during their time. The roles they got were for the most part insignificant. Today, Latina or Hispanic women are lighten battling the war to obtain equal roles as those presumptuousness to Anglo women. Actresses like Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, America Ferrera, Penelope Cruz and few others throe achieved this to few extent. However, it has been a rough road for them to get to where they are. Although, now to a greater extent Latinas are being footsloged for cave in roles than before, many are hitherto only considered for the same roles in stock(predicate) for Latinas and in addition they still face the same challenges, discriminations and prejudices they face decades ago. It has been challenging all along for Hispanic women to have the same success as Anglo women for twain main reasons: their accent and their physiological appearance. Hollywood Spanish?, which refers to bemused English spoken with a heavy accent, is not delicious for many producers and roles when looking to cast a leading actress in their movie. It is very hard for a Latina to be able to figure out their accent disappear and so be able to call English as an American woman would. (Ramirez Berg) For this reason, many Latina women have been rejected for a part... If you want to get a plenteous essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPap!

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