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American History

NAMEPROFESSORSUBJECTDATEOrigins of the American Colonies Early ColonizationIn early October 1492 , thirty-three days after(prenominal) Christopher broad of Ohio and his crew left the Canary Islands , off the Atlantic brim of Africa capital of Ohio voyage set foot on an `un copen and uncharted land that lay between atomic number 63 and Asia , which was see as the Americas or NewfoundlandUpon approaching the land , they were met by hospitable Arawak custody and women who swam out to greet them . The others who had not met them up front , Arawak men and women , who were full of wonder , emerged from their liquidations onto the island s beaches and swam out to kick downstairs a closer look at the strange big boat and the strange-looking men to make acquaintances of them . They traded with Columbus and his crew with what t hey had such as parrots and balls of cotton and spears (made of cane ) and many other things in exchange for the glass beads and hawk s bells . Or , as the historian had commented , They willingly traded everything they ownedAs written by Howard Zinn , Arawaks lived in liquidation communes , had a developed agriculture of corn , yams , cassava . They could falsify and weave , but they had no horses or work animals . They had no iron , but they wore tiny lucky ornaments in their earsLittle did they know what Columbus and the crew had in mind when they received them so w weaponly . Seeing the presence of halcyon earrings on their ears , Columbus thought that there must be a currency mine there . Hence , he took some natives by force in to specify to the source of prosperous . Upon luxate to what is now cognize as Cuba , and then to Hispaniola , of which is now known as that of Haiti and the Dominican Republic , they saw bits of visible gold in the rivers , and a gold mask was presented to Columbus by a lo! cal Indian chief . These further arm Columbus assumption that there were gold mines in the airfieldColumbus encompass to the Court of Madrid was greatly exaggerated . He transcend that there were great mines of gold , spices and other metals in the flying field . After that , he asked for the backing of the Majesties and in return he would bring as much gold to them as they consider and as many buckle downs as they asked for . With that , he was disposed(p) seventeen ships and twelve thousand men on his atomic number 16 expeditionAfter forcing the natives to hollow and search through the whole of Haiti , they found no gold field , yet he still had to suffice the ships as a form of achieving his part of the agreement for the financing stipulation him On 1495 , he went on a great slave raid , forced fifteen hundred Arawak men , women and children on board the ship to be sent to Spain . umteen of them died in captivity . He was desperate with regard to the gener ate of gold . So he ed the Indians in Cicao of Haiti who were fourteen...If you hope to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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