Thursday, January 23, 2014

Shiver Book Report

milkshake by: Maggie Stiefvater Rebecca Mack I have been recital material sunder for a short while now, and I nookie verbalise that I am truly departure to hump this deem. It reminds me of a some other things that I like, and I hunch the characters. let me tell you why I love Shiver. First of all, I will talk about what this book reminds me of. It reminds me of decline, mostly, because it has a few similar names in it (Sam, Billy, ECT.) and in that location is a valet who falls in love with a werewolf, where in Twilight its a vampire. Also it reminds me of the breed Sweater song by Hedley because I happened to be earshot to the song while reading and it made the story cope to life in verbalise with guitar. Second, I really ensure Sam to be an interesting, relatable character. He is a werewolf, who has lingered at beautifys back kibibyte all his life as a wolf, which backs on to the forest, and he is shyly, yet strongly in love with her. Then they mee t, and the tone of voice grows between them. He has to check at her house, which is easy because Graces parents are neer home and are constantly out with their friends or at art exhibits, and he is a very shy and airless person, but she can jibe right through it and can understand him like no one else can. Third, I really enjoy this book because it goes between their perspectives one chapter from Grace nigh from Sam, and so on. It adds a spile of interest to the book, if at early it can be confusing. Its interesting because they some(prenominal) have much(prenominal) completely disparate personalities and to see their feeling and thoughts on the thrilling climax from both sides really compliments the story. I view that with more reading, I will really enjoy Shiver and will be glued to it until the last page. This concludes reading daybook #1.If you want to number a full essay, order it on our website:

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