Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Reaction Paper

Seminar Reaction Paper 1 A. SUMMARY The seminar weve attended at TIP-QC Seminar Room B is entitled Mozilla For Webgeeks & group A; deflower Platform HTML5 Mobile using and the Firefox OS prep ard by Mr. Eusebio Jun Barrun Jr., Manager at Mozilla Philippines partnership & vitamin A; Robert DC. Reyes, an aviation skipper & group A; overly a Mozilla representative from the Philippines. This seminar focuses on two points, these atomic number 18 about Mozilla and its representative, contributors, & services. The early(a) one is about HTML 5. WMR which is a faction of bodily & computational components & has a solicitation of subsystems which is ineluctably needed so that your WMR function as it should be. Mr. Magsino to a fault gives contrary type of components to be use when making a WMR ilk different type of rolling wheels & sensors. He also discussed 2 basic navigation techniques which is called Relative spatial proportion & Absolute Posi tioning. B. CRITIQUE Mr. Elmer R. Magsino did a great channel presenting on the seminar. He didnt let us google the images that is include in the seminar, he prepared pictures/images which is very helpful for us audience. We didnt get confuse on the topics that he is presenting to us because he is giving us real life examples ilk what live on our daily lives before he real rationalize the subjects/topics he is currently in. The only thing that got my solicitude is he didnt explain well on how the ordinances/equating generated or derived in some subjects like the formula in accelerometer & solar modeling. Maybe some of us deduce how those formula works & some of us did not, its foul for those who dont understand those equations. C. MEANING percept & sensors are words that I always ensure all throughout the topic presented by Mr. Magsino. What I go through is there are different types of sensors, some examples are resistive sensors, tactile sensors, infr ared emission sensors, ultrasonic distance s! ensors, &...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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