Thursday, January 23, 2014

How Age Can Be Represented In Women's Magazines

I ring that there be piles of clues toward [ cut short name] having a target audition of middle-aged women. Other ages, such(prenominal) as younger men are world portrayed as good, i.e. Appealing to older women after a toy boy. I approximate this also make the target audience women who support been through hard times, such as a divorce. childish women exactnt really had adequacy time to be though a lot making them non the target audience. alike lots of the controversy prizes include holidays, suggesting the target audience dont have enough mvirtuosoy otiose to book there own holiday, whereas victorious one would be ideal as they need a break. I think one big clue as to the target audience is the name of the clipping itself. [ cartridge name] suggests the women the magazine is aimed at are invade and need roughthing to relax with. The magazine is go an escape from their all day life issues. Young children are being portrayed as cute in the magazine making [magazine name] more(prenominal) appealing to women with families. The majority of middle-aged women have families. I think the magazines target audience is women who dont have liquid incomes. The fact so many offerings of money prizes from competitions represents the women are in need of money. Also the magazine costs 82p, in comparison to other magazines this is in truth cheap. Lots of the adverts within [magazine name] are for things such as intellectual nourishment shopping and mainly things that are essential, not luxuries. This suggests budgets and once again not having money they can that throw away. As strong as middle-aged women I also thing the magazine is targeted at women early on in their retirement. Women coming to the close of their careers are more potential to have time to memorialise stories and do puzzles. In one of the stories old people were being portrayed as inexperienced person and in a positive light. I think some of the readers would b e suitable to relate to this and like this ! portrayal. One sizeable part of the magazine is the Real life stories. This is where...If you want to get a full essay, exhibition it on our website:

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