Saturday, January 25, 2014

Abortion: A Woman's Right Or Murder?

spontaneous stillbirth: A Womans honorable or Murder? April J whizs Informal Logic Dr. Renee Levent parade 8, 2011 THESIS Few issues have encountered such(prenominal) controversy and debate as the topic of abortion. On 1 positioning be hoi polloi who support the pro- survival of the fittest view. pro-choice supporters see abortion as a personal choice and feel that if a cleaning lady should have that choice interpreted away from her she has lost one of her most basic compassionate corrects. (Baird & Rosenbaum, 2001) Many supporters of pro-choice believe that a fetus cannot be placed on the same(p) level as a woman. They feel that a woman has the given adept to lease to terminate an un requireed motherliness. On the other side of the spectrum is the pro- invigoration platform. Pro-life supporters believe that no matter of the circumstances the fetus is a human and should have the same human rights as the mother. Pro-life advocates believe that if a golf club legalizes abortion, it is legalizing murder. (Baird & Rosenbaum, 2001) closely pro-life advocates believe that abortion is illegal and violates all ghostly affiliation. I personally support the pro-life side of the argument. Abortion is murder in its simplest form because it is easy becoming socially acceptable to choose to lie on your back and and then abort a baby that is the implication of the action. It is never right to take a human life no press what the circumstances behind the pregnancy are. I am appal at some of the arguments I shoot that state if women are not allowed to have abortions then they exit be stuck supporting lives they do not want. Unfortunately we all have consequences for our actions and if we choose to have sexual relations we should be aware that pregnancy is a possible side effect. Legalizing abortion is like reflexion go out and do some(prenominal) you want and do not worry about the consequences. Is that the substa nce we want to send our children? Do we wan! t our children to think it is o.k. to do whatever they like and not have to appear the consequences? There are...If you want to get a full essay, influence it on our website:

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