Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lct Memory Component

Cognitive Views of Learning I.Basic Assumptions of Cognitive Theorists 1. True learning is wide awake learning. 2. Prior acquaintance affects new learning. 3. Knowledge is constructed by the academic person (constructivism). 4. The human schooling impact (HIP) model is strange to human beings and helps explain learning by focusing on how storage doings (theoretic all(prenominal)y). II.Activating Prior Knowledge How do you hatch in-chief(postnominal) entropyrmation and experiences? What do teachers do that helps you remember important information and skills? exposure III.HIP Terms Encodingprocesses by which info is entered/modified for moderateness of storage. Storageprocesses by which info is retained. Retrievalprocesses by which info is found or accessed for subsequent use. Learning v depot = acquiring/retaining v retrieval. IV.The HIP Model A. The Flow of infoArrows orient how info flows through and thr ough the 3 coifs of memory, and how all stages are influenced by the powerful decision maker Control Strategies, the boilers suit decision makers and planners of memory. B. The stunning Register (SR) SR is the first stage of memory alike(p) a set of Venetian blinds that filters incoming info.
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foreplay from tail fin senses via receptor cells Large capacity picayune durationabout 2 seconds Implicit knowledgeknowledge we acquire without conscious awareness. often processing by the SR is unconscious. Roles of attention and perceptionThese processes work with LTM to influence which arresting date we process through the process of pattern reco! gnition. C. Executive Control Strategies 1. Attentionthe storage allocation of central processing resources, or how we decide what info to process. Focuses psychic processes on token stimuli A limited resource Influenced by size, intensity, novelty, incongruity, emotion, in-person nub New tasks and difficult tasks require the most processing prison term Automaticity, overlearning to the identify of making skills routine, decreases processing...If you want to get a dependable essay, consecrate it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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