Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Females Within Law Enforcement

Fe phallics within Law En compactment IntroductionWomen as police or punitive officers still get an awkward picture in the minds of male police officers . This looks into the plight of women as corrections officers and how high hat to prompt women to take on jobs as women officers including the galore(postnominal) ramifications of the issueHistory of how Women Got into Law Enforcement It all began on July 13 , 1848 when a young housewife and arouse . Elizabeth Cady Stanton , was invited to share tea with four other ladies . Stanton voiced by her opinion somewhat the way that women were relegated to the background , receiving less roles to crop in the transformation of the country . She claimed that the new Republic would prolong a good chance of making it better with the women about to help out . The other ladies concu rred with her and they all thought of a plan to carry out their thoughts to fruition . They put their offense to action and achieved tremendous changes after that (Living the legacy : The Women s Rights Movement 1848-1999 . These women convened the dry out land s first Women s Rights Convention . Not alone were they imbued with the send away to scratching making their dreams materialize , but they also had the force and affectionateness to organize women all over to participate in this multitude to discuss the social , civil , and religious frame and rights of charwoman This very first convention happened at the Wesleyan chapel service in Seneca Falls on July 19 and 20 , 1848 (Living the Legacy : The Women s Rights Movement 1848-1999 . Stanton used the announcement of liberty as the material for writing what she titled a Declaration of SentimentsToday , the issue of female person person correctional officers in male institutions comes up repeatedly . The purpose of women as guards in abutting contact wit! h male inmates has spurred many questions of privacy and safety and a number of legal shells . In one important case , Dothard v .
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Rawlinson (1977 , the Supreme court upheld Alabama s refusal to hire female correctional officers on the pace that it would put them in signifi tail assemblyt danger from male inmates (Dothard v . Rawlinson . 1977 Despite such setbacks , women instantly work side by side with male guards in close every present , performing the same duties . investigate indicates that discipline has not suffered because of the inclusion of women in the guard force . Sexual assaults piss been rar e , and the female guards male peers than by inmates have expressed much negative attitudes . Most commentators regard that the presence of female guards can have an important well(p) effect on the self-image of inmates and modify the guard-inmate running(a) relationshipIn 1970 , women constitute only one-third of the decades later , almost fifty percent of the working individuals are women . More or less half of these women have experienced sexual worrying at least formerly in their career lives . The U .S . Merit Systems Protection advance found out that 42 percent of the women respondents in their 1981 persuasion experienced sexual molestation on the job . A similar...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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