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Case Study.

Running Head : Funda amiables of nursingNameUniversityCourseTutorDateHealth Promotion and Disease preventionAs an of age(p) mankind , I will advice Mr . brownish to frequently routine multivitamins be convey they improve immune function and focus the event of infected diseases . Old people are inclined(predicate) to so some(prenominal) transmittals and if Mr . brownness uses multivitamins then he will centralise his chances of acquiring offensive . At the age 73 , Mr . browned is prone to work and hip fractures and I would advice him to use calcium and vitamin D postscript to strengthen his bones and prevent hip and bone fracturesI would advice Mr . Brown to adopt a wellnessy nutritional intend that will rear his wellness . Having a balanced fast daily and step-down the intake of productives will cast up his h ealth incline . Mr . Brown should involve himself in somatic activities to increase his physical fitness . This will reduce the chances of cardio vascular diseases or daub related diseases . Regular physical exercises will reduce the jeopardy of mellowed blood impel . Mr . Brown mustiness tick that his fat and cholesterol intake is reduced so as to reduce the essay of heart attack . animal(prenominal) exercises will like assist in reducing the levels of fat and cholesterol in the body (Potter ,Perry , A (2007I would encourage Mr . Brown to confuse a emphasis complete life . He should subjugate both form of emotional focus in his life to reduce the risk of heart attacks or high blood pressure he should avoid thinking a administrate . He should therefore live with his family and close friends to avoid loneliness in his life because loneliness washbowl cause emotional stress . He should always visit his limit when he feels distressed both(prenominal) physically and emotionallyAs an elderly someone , Mr .! Brown is at risk of contracting a lot of diseases and to prevent this , he should dumbfound immunized against the common illnesses . I would advice him to be tested regularly to identify any benevolent of disease or infection in his body . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
He should visit the dentist and the shopping centre doctors regularly to ensure that his eye and teeth are free of infectionsGeriatric mindGeriatric assessment is a countywide evaluation that assists former(a)er people in enjoying a superb healthy life , improving the musical note of their life and reducing their rate of hospitalizationGeriatric assessment involves the ex aminations of the physical health of the older adults . physiologic examination includes their ability to walk , resist , sit and bring about daily activities . It also includes their reflexes such as seeing , earshot , touching , smelling and wretched . The elderly are also assessed on the basis of their mental status . Examine how electrostatic they are mentally . How can they handle emotional stress Examine whether they are behaving unremarkably , whether they are oriented both in time and smear . Examine their psycho-social health status . What kind of relationships do they have in the social settings ? When perform a geriatric assessment on the elderly discover whether they are delusional or psychotic . Many old people are usually psychiatric cases and so you...If you demand to get a effective essay, order it on our website:

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