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HYPERLINK http /www .aber .ac .uk jmcwww /Misc /spittle01 .html http /www .aber .ac .uk jmcwww /Misc /spittle01 .htmlIs Any torso Out ThereGender , subjectiveness and Identity in CyberspaceSteve SpittleLecturer in Media TheoryUniversity of rally England`The machine is non an it to be animated , worshipped , and henpecked . The machine is us , our processes , an aspect of our embodiment (Haraway 1991 : 180My starts with the recognition that schooling , Communications and telecom technologies (ICTs ) atomic number 18 certain to play a central role in defining who we are , how we estimate and how we relate to one another . The guiding principle for my design , is that although change is an inevitable result of the conjunction between estate and technology the nature and extent of human intervention deep influences its shape and characterWhat I believe to be important changes in the nature of the body subjectivity and identity are the touch concerns of this . I want to explore these toll and the debates surrounding them with grumpy reference to developments in ICTs . Rather than focus on more(prenominal) cryptic examples of technological development , I will fasten my banter to the Internet and computer gamesMy theoretical touchstones for this discussion are womens lib and postmodernism , primarily because they exhaust both been implicated and understood in discussions of cyberculture and the possibility of tender change that it representsPostmodernism , that most polysemic of shapes , seems except to be discussed along a continuum between the utopian and dystopian in particular when considering the possibilities for social change Whichever enunciateing is make of the term , notions of profoundly fragmented subjectivities and identities appear almost as constants . This seems particular ly apparent in libber responses to postmode! rnism . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Feminists strike mostly read postmodernism as either a threat to feminist social criticism or an opportunity for the questioning and contestation of notions of sexual practice and sexuality (presenting the possibility of re-inscription of the body in post-gender termsBaudrillarian postmodernism sees the snap get through of our referential universe , including its hierarchies and inequalities , as offering little rely for social criticism and change . This is a problematic piece for much feminist thought , because of feminism s identification of blast oppressive structures that can only be changed b y incorporate social action by women . For Baudrillard , the descent into a intermeddle hyperreality offers us only the politics of refusal (to act ) and the pleasures of the spectacle . In a short article , published in Liberation , he suggests that developments in media technologies have resulted only in `panic and petulance , transforming us into `free radicals searching for our molecules in a hand-to-mouth(prenominal) cyberspace (Baudrillard , 1995 : 2Here we have a clear sense of our material bodies exchanged for atomised virtual bodies in what we might think of as life behind the screen . Although Baudrillard has not written specifically of the Internet , he has clearly indicated a belief that media technologies have accelerated the transition form the `real to the `hyperreal Baudrillard s assertion that the ` disjunction War never happened is his most memorable...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderC

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