Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Volcanoes, What is a Volcano,The types of volcanoes,How are Volcanoes formed,How is magma turned to lava.

THE Types of spillageholees on that point argon three types of blowholees shield, clinker brick cones and tangled blowholees. Shield volcanoes be adult volcanic Forms with that argon commodious at the top and birth low, sloping sides. This type of volcano is sufficed by slow, basaltic lava flows. Cinder cones be cone shaped volcanoes some argon no more than(prenominal) than a few meters and others stick around as big as juicy as 610 meters sometime more. or so of the tallest volcanoes are composite volcanoes. These stock from quiet eruptions of fluid lava followed by explosive eruptions of sticky lava. How is Magma sullen into Lava? Extremely high temperature and pressure cause the quake to release and aim liquid rock or magma. When a large proboscis of magma has form, it rises through the denser rock layers toward Earths bob up. Magma that has reached the surface is called lava. How are volcanoes formed? Volcanoes are formed when magma flows through cracks in the earths crust, and lento builds up into a cone. If there is a high pressure build up, they will have violent eruptions, exclusively if there is not actually much pressure, they will scarce let magma seep slowly out. What is a volcano?
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A volcano is a firing in the Earth from which dissolve rock (m A volcano is a vent in the Earth from which molten rock (magma) and botch up erupts. The molten rock that erupts from the volcano also called lava forms a chain reactor or mountain around the vent. There are more types of eruptions that are all different. There are some eruptions are quiet, with lava slowly oozing from a vent. Other eruptions are very violent, with lava and other materials being hurled hundreds of miles into the air. exclusively lava is not the only role that comes out of the... If you want to get a full essay, cast it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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