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 The whale in Frankenstein is obviously an essential character in the novels write upline; the entire plot revolves confining the monsters creation and actions.  Given this fact, it is easy to misrepresent why the reader may nominate such a strong desire to trimly secure the monsters routine in the story.  Is the monster in Frankenstein a shooter or a baddie?  This is a complicated question, nuclear number 53 that has likely plagued anyone who has ever had the privilege to readFrankenstein.    matchless can yet answer this question after ofttimes contemplation and guess on all of the events that take tramp in the novel.  unless then, can the reader attempt to accurately define the role of the monster.  This is not a black and white discipline; in that location are several layers of grey that moldiness be examined to flop categorize the monster. The most fitting rendering of the monster is not as a hero or villain, but as a victim of the thirst for knowledge.         Shelley by choice presents the monster in such a manner so that it is not clear whether he is a hero or a villain. The monster carries out several heinous acts of frenzy that are correspond of a villain.  However, the monster also possesses hero-like qualities of love, kindness, and sympathy.  Oh, Frankenstein! free-handed  and self-devoting being! is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
what does it gain that I now ask thee to clear me? I, who irretrievably done for(p) thee by destroying all thou lovedst. unluckily! he is cold, he cannot answer me (Shelley, 254).  This quote from the monster demonstrates that he now feels compass ion for his fallen foe.  A true villain wou! ld not have mourned the death of his enemy; this act of mourn is indicative of a hero.  Since the monster possesses several qualities of both hero and villain, it would be unfaithful to label him as one or the other; he is neither.        What Shelley illustrates is that there is no clear-cut unspoilt guy or bad guy in the story; there are only victims.  Both the monster and superscript are victims to the right thirst of...If you want to get a full essay, piece it on our website:

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