Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fanny Lue Hammer

Fannie was born(p) on Octber 6, 1917 to sharecropper parents in Townsend, Mississippi. At date six-spot she was working in the feild with her other twenty sibbings, she was the youngest of them all. She was born to scantness and racial exploitation, she receiced only a sixth-grade edcation. She worked in the handle clean house cotton. She used to work very hard because the travail whelm would promise her with sweet candies or cherries - things that the were beyond her economical reach. By the time she was thirteen years old she was picking triplet to four hundred pounds. Yet she and her family were stil poor.         In 1942 she unify Perry knocker Hamer, a tractor driver from another woodlet. They were not equal to(p) to bear children of thier own so they adopted two girls, one of whom died in 1967. She was living the same life of her sharecropper family, she and her hubby move the cycle of poverty. But Hamer was a hard worker, and in finale she was promoted from the strenouse cotton-picking business organisation to a less strenous but still low-paying job of timekeeper on the orchard.         In 1962 her life took a major(ip) turn when she met workers of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) and the learner Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), who began mobilizing people to fight for liberty in Mississppi. As a result of this empowering encounter, Hamer became active in politics in Mississippi. When the call was made for volunteers to challengs the unjust suffrage laws, Hamer was among the volunteers. At the appointed time, August 31, eighteen persons boareded an old give instruction bus, owned and driven by a black piece from another county, to go to Indianola to the courthouse to register to vote. When she reached the courthouse she was given a literacy run that requried her to copy and interpret a portion of the Constitution of the swear of Mississsippi. Having failed t he test, all eighteen reboarded the bus to r! eturn to Ruleville. On the was homethey were close up by a highway patrolman, and the driver was arrested for driving a bus that was too yellow, looking too too much like a school bus, thereby creating potential confusion.
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When the home refuesd to be separeted, the one-hundred- dollar fine was reduced to thirty dollars, which they as a group were able to collest among themselves.         When she returned to the plantation, she was met by the news that the plantation onwer was very upset because she had registered to vote. He told her they she would have to go stern and withdraw or would have to leave. Sh e left the plantation. The home to which she fled was force with gun shots. The entire family was subsequently dissmissed from the plantation and suffered constantly from fair backlash.         She returned to the courthouse in December 1962, and again failed the litercary test, she left, declaring, Youll see me every 30 days ;till I pass. It was on her third discipline in January 1963 that she became a resigted voter. She also became an SNCC supervisor in helianthus County and was actively engaged in teaching blacks to pass the literacy test. If you unavoidableness to compensate a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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