Sunday, August 18, 2013

Einglish Grammer

‡fvi‡ejv †_‡K `ycyi ch©šÍ| | mycÖfvZ-| groovy morn| †ejv GKUv †_‡K 5Uv ch©šÍ| | | honest acceptable afternoon| we‡Kj 5Uv †_‡K ivZ 11Uv ch©šÍ| | | broad(a) evening| iv‡Î we`vq †bqvi mgq| | ïf ivwÎ-| Good night| my‡L wb`ªv hvI-| childbed dreams| w`‡b-iv‡Î †h‡Kv mg‡q| | AvR‡Ki gZ Zvn‡j Avwm-| Good day to you.| hIqvi mgq | | we`vq/ hvwQ-| Bye, strait| Avevi †`Lv n‡e-| apprehend to hit you again| mvÿv‡Z -| collision| †Zvgvi bvg wK?-| Whats your institute?| Avgvi bvg wkwib Lvbg-| my name is Khirin Khanom.| †Zvgvi eqm KZ?-| How old are/what is your advance?| Avgvi eqm 25-| I am 25 years old.| Zzwg wK Ki?-| What do you do?| Avwg wKQz Kwi bv-| I do not do anythiny.| †Zvgvi cQ‡›`i is wK?-| What is your ducky ruse?| Avgvi cQ›` nj†e¸wb/Kvj/mv`v/meyR is -| My favourite color is parble/black/white/ dark-green| †Zvgviv KÕfvB-| How many brothers do you vex?| Avgvi wZb fvB-| I incur iii brothers.| Zviv mK‡j Avgvi †P‡q eo-| they are all elderly than I.| †Zvgvi K †evb?-| How many sisters do you have?| Avgi Pvi †evb-| I have quaternary sisters.| Zzwg †Zvgvi Aemi mgq wKfv‡e KvUvI?-| How do you transcend your spare while ? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
| Avwg Avgvi Aemi mgq †Uwjwfkb †`‡L / -| I spend my spare time ceremonial occasion | Le‡ii KvMR c‡o KvUvB| television/ denotation password paper.| Zzwg wK weevwnZ?-| Are you matrimonial?| n¨vu ,Avwg weevwnZ-| Yes, I am married.| ‡Zvgvi ¯^vgx wK K‡ib?-| What is your maintain/ what does your husband do?| wZwb GKRb e¨vemvwq-| He is a business man.| ‡Zvgvi evev wK K‡ib ?-| What is father/what does your father do?| wZwb gviv wM‡qwQ‡jb-| He died.| †Zvgvi gv wK K‡ib?-| what is your beat? What does your mother do?| wZwb N‡ii KvR †`Lvïbv K‡ib-| She is a housewife.| Zzwg wK ivbÅ"v Ki‡Z cvi?-| Can you situate?| n¨vu , Avwg ivbÅ"v Ki‡Z cvwi-| Yes, I after part cook.| | | mgq -| Time| Avcbvi Nwi‡Z KUv ev‡R? -| What is the time by your...If you want to get a ripe essay, order it on our website:

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