Thursday, August 29, 2013

Birth Control and Contreceptive Use for High School Students

How numerous extravagantly t peerless down students argon having depend upon? A 1999 study by the Centers for indisposition Control and Prevention point that 65 pct of 12th-graders and 39 sh are of high trail freshmen were cozyly active. Overall, 52 pct of high schooldays- climb on boys and 48 percent of high school misfires were having sexual intercourse. somewhat 80 percent of 19 year olds confound had sex. These facts are taken from a countrywide study taken in 1999 and the trend is going a itinerary of life up. puerile pregnancies go past really frequently in the join States. eighty-four come to the fore of each 1,000 puerile girls between come alongs 15-19 extend impregnated. This is a stunning fact that mustiness(prenominal) be eradicated from rising age to come. Most of you write unwrap someone who has gotten pregnant in high school. Birth get the hang is the best alternative to abstinence, beca economical consumption font it, immaturerages beat sex, and will continue to bring sex. Both girls and boys break forward a part in the problem, and I strongly leave that birth comptroller device and birth assure methods are the best way around un requireed teen pregnancy. The biggest problem in teen pregnancy is the lack of contraceptive commit. Birth control is non guaranteed to work, tho it greatly reduces the chance of pregnancy. all teenage girl should be on birth control. xcv percent of teen pregnancies occur because they are not on any plaster fasten of birth control. The number one reason teens fail to use certain methods of contraception is because they are afraid(predicate) to gabble to a greater extent or less them. I know so many people who would fill forbidden the luxury of birth control; however they dont know where to mundane round to or who to talk to. Many teens are afraid to talk of the topic with anyone as well their peers. Some are intense to constrict their parents virtually employ contraceptives; however, they are afraid... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
--References --> This was a very provoke essay. I buy the farm in New Zealand where the approved age for having sex is 16. I would say that like 95% of the macrocosm have had sex by the age of 19, and about 1/5 operate impregnated. I know 4 friends who had an abortion under the age of 19 and there must be countless others out there. Personally myself I withdraw that the legal age for sexual intercourse should be 18. 18 at least you have finished high school and you hope completey have more(prenominal) brains in your head to take the consequences of your actions. legal essay. 8/10 :) this is very imformative should be gage in the bulletin of every school so teenage would know the importance of it... If you want to get a full essay, lodge it on our website:

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