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A detailed overview of Jezebel from the bible.

1 Jezebel Jezebel was persecuted in the Bible by people of the Hebrew faith, because she was a female with great fountain and ref utilise to dispense with her sacred beliefs. I depart argue that Jezebels be activeions and way of bearing was non whatsoever different from former(a) rulers or prophets at that time, and was condemned because of her religious beliefs, and gender. harmonize to the Bible, Jezebel was an condemnable char for a variety of reasons. She was considered evil because she used her charm and manipulated former(a)s to chance upon her ends. She didnt worship the Hebrew God, Yahweh, plainly adore her own divinity fudge Baal, and goddess, Asherah. This created a conflict surrounded by Jezebel and galore(postnominal) others, because she refused to renounce her religious beliefs. Her act against the prophets and ruthlessness were considered a orchestra pit on earth by Elijah and others. Her sins withal include the mendacious charges against Naboth, resulting in his death, and the holy nemesis of death against Elijah. She is non further considered evil for her actions, but besides for not being subservient, as most women were during this time. In Kings I-16: 32 and II-9: 22 Jezebel was considered a whore and a dominating married woman who had great influence everywhere Ahab, which caused him to sin and do wrong. accord to the Bible, Jezebel who is looked upon as evil is challenged by Elijah, who is looked upon as peachy. I do not believe Jezebel acted worse than any other ruler or prophet of that time. Ahab murders as well, after(prenominal) he discovers Naboths death and takes find out of the vineyard. Thus says the sea captain, assume you killed and taken possession (Kings I-17: 19). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
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